One More Year

by Dave Mallon

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Dave Mallon - vocals, guitar, bass (all tracks)
Mark Turley - drums, additional guitar (tracks 1,2,3,5, & 6)
Stephanie Nadeau - fiddle (tracks 2 & 3), Irish flute (track 5)
Matt Blake - field recordings (track 6)

Produced and engineered by Mark Turley at Across The Street Studios, Cicero, NY
Cover design & layout by Dave Mallon. Cover photo by Chris Mallon.

Special thanks to:
Advertising, Alex Berenyi, Dylan Bowers (Caught Up In A Dream), Bridge Under Fire, Buzzy Girl Flynn, Department, Charlie Fraioli (Shore Acres Drive), Gyaos, 126 Harvard Place, Joel Jensen Heath, Gary "Judge Gazza" James, Diane Lansing, Lila Ignite, Patrick Lonergan & the Lonergan family, Chris Mallon & the Mallon family, James Manton (Participation Trophy), Peter Mulvey, My So-Called Band, Nicholas Oliver, Roji Tea Lounge, Jarrod Sammis, The Andrea Doria, The Schroon Lake Boathouse Theatre, Ryan Shannon, Nelson Shapiro, Nick Streeter, "Surly" Dylan Suttles, Steve Tarnow, Jeremy Treadway, Mark Turley, and Tory Liz Walters


released June 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Dave Mallon Syracuse, New York

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Track Name: You Do You Venezuela
1000 miles away under the live oak trees / 1000 miles away under the lights of the marquee / I know that you said I'd be alright / I heard what you said, I'm too tired to fight / Baby, just not tonight / You do you, Venezuela, give my regards to Laura / I know she's listening to every word I say / Everything is normal, everything is fine, I'm doing alright / I just wanted to say, I just want you to stay / Got Perfecting Loneliness playing on the stereo / Still trying to decide on whether I'm gonna stay or go / Either way I'm gonna be gone for a while / And it's getting harder and harder to make you smile / Lies and slow denial / I know that your new haircut makes you look like one of the boys / And I know it must be hard to filter me through all this noise / Lonely blue skies, lonely dark eyes / I am living in a fog of my own design
Track Name: Lucky Ones
10x10 room smells like cat piss and bleach, I sleep on canvas sheets / Cardboard boxes hold all my possessions stacked against the walls / Some nights me and my brothers drive around taking furniture off the curb / It's better than picking through dumpsters like I used to do / At least I've got company / And I'm one of the lucky ones / I got friends who lend me money so I can keep my job and pay my rent / It's hard to find work in this town without a safety net / My mercenary attitude means that my legacy will be cheap / And though I fight for what is right, I still become part of the problem / More than you'll ever be / And I'm one of the lucky ones / It's alright, say you want to be alone, man, I understand / I know it's hard sometimes being my friend / Good luck down in New York, you better get out of this town before your heart stops beating / You'll knock 'em dead, or at least you'll knock 'em down / Give 'em hell for me / You're one of the lucky ones/ And I'm one of the lucky ones / We're all the lucky ones, and I hope we make it through
Track Name: Back Seat For A Bed
Driving up the hill on Main Street, past the road where you used to live / Watching junkies buy their smack from militiamen from across the bridge / Thinking back to a time a few years ago, when I could still remember your face / Remember the nights we used to stay up late, when I always used to say / Let's stay awake a little longer / Find some way to pass the time / 'Cause there's nothing going on in this dirty old town tonight / I hear there's work up north in Canada, or we can head out to LA / It's getting harder for the two of us to live in the Empire State / Yeah, I know you want to get out of this town, you want to start living the dream / But I'm gonna be stuck here for a few more years, so remember to think of me / Yeah, I know you finally got out of this town, you went and started living the dream / But I'll be right here for a few more years, so remember to think of me / And I'll stay awake a little longer / Find some way to pass the time / 'Cause there's nothing going on in this dirty old town tonight
Track Name: Drunk's Lament
I feel like I'm still waiting for you to come around / Sometimes I stop thinking, sometimes I fall down / I feel like I'm waiting around for something else to come / Sometimes I feel drunk, sometimes I feel dumb / I realize I'm stuck in your absence and I wish you well / Seeing only the good in others and the flaws within myself / Can I see you tonight? I promise I'm not that wasted yet / I can be whoever you want, so don't forget / Can I call you by name? I promise that it won't be the same / I'll be happy I swear, you can forget about the pain
Track Name: Scottholm Syndrome
Rolling down these empty streets in a busted truck in the pouring rain / How did I end up in this place, I wonder again and again and again and again / I was hot shit in high school, now I'm running as far and as fast as I can / Started out a straight edge college boy, then turned into the Marlboro Man / Told a lot of tall tales when I was young, guess the truth was never good enough for me / My heartbeat crawls like a reptile on a sultry summer's eve / Making plans of escape, even though I love my friends, I hate this town / Can't fix this shit, we live here now* / Spending nights awake in self-medication, thinking back to the Doom that came to these basements / Yet another hungover workday trying to think through these half-conversations / All my friends are moving to Brooklyn and Houston and I just can't keep up / Try to drink away some of my problems, ashes to ashes, dust to dust / Haven't gotten paid yet, I'm driving down Scottholm and it's three AM / Shift is over in fifteen, might as well be an hour ago for all the good it does them / Make the turn onto Genesee, head back west toward Westcott Street / Punch out, drive back, get drunk alone, try in vain to get some sleep and dream of home
Track Name: One More Year
I'm walking through the door / Through a crowd of people that I've never met before / I've been in this house a million times / Everything looks the same, but without you and everyone it just doesn't seem right / This show is pretty lame / Just another bunch of college kids who think this kind of living is just a game / I know for sure we weren't like them / When we used to sit and drink out on the porch, you remember way back when / Keep hoping for a reunion / Just want to feel the way I did only a few short years ago / I know there's no resolution / I'm just a kid who hasn't figured out a way to just let go, oh I don't know / You're living down in Brooklyn / Your singer moved out west, heard she's doing pretty well / The bass player dropped off the map / Your drummer's famous now, that's cool, but his new friends can go to hell / I lie awake at night / I drive down to the parking lot just to stare at the highway lights / All this is nothing new / And nostalgia doesn't comfort me like it always used to do / I'm trying to find the will to not just up and disappear / You convinced me, I've got to hold on for one more year